Mission Statement

     It is the mission of the DRUC to provide pure and plentiful water to all people within and around its service area at the lowest practical cost.  The Commission maintains strict quality control over the water it produces and supplies to Manchester, Tullahoma, and the surrounding areas.  The water produced at the DRUC water filtration facilities on Normandy Reservoir easily meets or exceeds all government standards including those of the State of Tennessee and United States Environmental Protection Agency.
      The DRUC also takes an active interest in helping to ensure that ALL people have safe water to drink.  The Commission helps local well owners and small utilities through free or low cost water testing services and free technical assistance on water treatment questions or problems.  The DRUC staff is highly qualified in water treatment, environmental engineering, microbiology and fully certified in water treatment plant operations.  The staff stands ready to do its best to help solve water quality problems.  The Commission also actively participates in the American Water Works Association's Small System Assistance and Water for People programs.

     The Commission actively promotes water resources education and environmental awareness programs.  The DRUC provides speakers to schools and civic groups and provides tours of its facilities on request.  The DRUC also participates in water pollution prevention studies on Normandy Reservoir and other area waterways.


     The Duck River Utility Commission is a non-profit water authority chartered in 1976 under the Tennessee Interlocal Cooperation Act by the cities of Manchester and Tullahoma.  The Commission began by applying for financing and grant funds to construct a new water treatment plant on TVA's Normandy Reservoir.  A new 7.5 million gallon per day water treatment plant was constructed at a cost of approximately $6.5 million and began operation in 1981.  Several improvements to the facility were made during the 1990's including full capacity backup power generators and a new chemical storage facility.  In 2004, the Commission completed the upgrade and expansion of the treatment plant to 10.0 MGD including the addition of membrane ultra-filtration and granular activated carbon contactors.  This new state-of-the-art facility provides the highest quality water and has the capacity to serve the needs of the Manchester and Tullahoma area for decades into the future.

The DRUC operates under a Board of Commissioners made up of three members appointed by the City of Manchester and three members appointed by the City of Tullahoma, as well as the managers of the city utilities as ex-officio members.  The current DRUC board members and management are as follows (left to right):  Brian Skelton, Ex-Officio Member (Tullahoma Utilities Board), Jim Waters, Member (Tullahoma), Clark Walker, Secretary (Tullahoma), John Mayberry, Vice-Chairman (Manchester), Bruce Runyan, Member (Manchester), Jim Petty, Treasurer (Manchester), Bryan Pennington, Ex-Officio Member (Manchester Water & Sewer Department), Robert Van Patten, Chairman (Tullahoma) and Randal Braker, DRUC General Manager.

     The DRUC Water Filtration Plant is manned and operated twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year by State certified operators.  The plant produces approximately six million gallons per day of potable water to strict drinking water standards.  Water is pumped through a thirty inch diameter transmission pipeline to a metering station and then to the elevated storage tanks and distribution systems operated by the Manchester Water & Sewer Department and the Tullahoma Utilities Board.  The Commission charges $1.10 for each one thousand gallons pumped to the two cities.  The two city water systems then resell the water to the residences, businesses and other water utilities in the area.  Additional detailed information about the DRUC and water quality is available on this web site or by contacting Randal J. Braker, General Manager.


P.O. Box 1237   270 Water Lane   Tullahoma, TN    931-455-6458