Bottled Water/Home Water Filters

Please note that bottled water or home filtered water offers little or NO safety over tap water. The ultra-filtered water supplied by the DRUC is as safe or safer than bottled water. Bottled water is rarely subject to the same stringent regulation and testing as tap water.

Most bottled water is NOT cleaner, safer or more pure than tap water. In fact, most bottled water is just tap water that is bottled and sold with a fancy name or label. Bottled water can be as much as one thousand times more expensive than tap water.

There are NO significant contaminants in the DRUC tap water that would be removed by a home filter system.

If you are thinking of drinking bottled water or purchasing a home filter system because you feel the water might taste better than tap water, the DRUC suggests you try keeping a pitcher of tap water in your refrigerator. Placing a pitcher of tap water in your refrigerator will allow the chlorine disinfectant to evaporate and will cool the water. The cooler water will taste just as good as other water but will be better for you and your family. The fluoride in tap water is essential for the health of your teeth, especially for babies and toddlers. Developing teeth, even before they come in through the gums, need the fluoride to form good hard enamel that will last them a lifetime.

There are essential minerals in tap water that are often removed from bottled or home filtered water. Some of these minerals are a necessary part of a balanced diet.

Additional information on the differences between tap, bottled and home filtered water is available from the DRUC on request.  There may be some individuals, such as those with immune deficiencies, that could benefit from drinking water that has had additional treatment.